Architect seeks total of $4.5 million in damages

Architect plans CC BY-SA 3.0 NY Architects Stevens & Wilkinson have recently successfully sued the City of Columbia for £1.65 million in respect of architects fees the city incurred when they appointed the architectural firm to design a Vista hotel. The matter has been dragging on for ten years and reached a climax when the… Read More »

J.P.Morgan to pay $136 million over credit card debts.

CC BY-SA 3.0 NY J.P.Morgan has agreed to settle a claim from the US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the District of Columbia and 47 states that they have wrongly chased consumers for credit card debts they did not owe. The US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is expected to receive around $30 million with the states… Read More »

Strawberry growing problems in California.

CC BY-SA 3.0 NY Almost 90% of all US strawberries are grown in California with a revenue of $2.8 billion and 70,000 jobs at stake this is an important crop for the state. Two main challenges face the strawberry growers the first is the scarcity of water in California and the second is the phasing… Read More »

Credit Card Debt

CC BY-SA 3.0 NY Each household in America owes $8,000 on average in credit card debt and ends up paying huge interest bills because the credit card debt is not paid off at the end of each month. Credit cards are an expensive way to borrow money long term and the average person would be… Read More »